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Hotel Babylon Series Two, Episode Four

You know, I should probably start tagging these entries for future reference. But then I'd feel compelled to tag every single entry I've made in my journal since I began it (which will be five years ago on the 19th!). Might put them in the memories later.

This was a really good episode. Probably my favourite so far. Good plotlines and acting from all involved. I'm not a big Tamzin Outhwaite fan (or rather, I don't particularly like Rebecca all that much, even though she and Charlie are the lead characters in the show) but the scenes of her discovering and dealing with her friend's betrayal and her eager attempts to make sure that all her friends were enjoying themselves was conveyed well.

The guest who hit rock bottom and became a bellboy was a little difficult to watch, but again there was good acting there. Oddly enough, especially Max Beesley. I've always found Charlie to seem rather smug, so it was refreshing to see another side to his character. It happens every now and then.

Now, what was going on in the episode?


A bellboy is busted for nicking off with the minibar and promptly fired. I capped this mainly because I swear that this was the son of Derek, the doorman who got fired in the last series and whose son was hired. I kind of hope it's not. The ex-bellboy, having had his backpack full of other stolen goodies confiscated by Charlie, turns to leave, but then decides to try and snatch it back. And then....

James FTW!! Best moment of this episode EVAR. It was very tough to cap that action shot of the tackle, you know.

Gino tries to cheer up the newly single guest who has hit rock bottom by telling of his own broken engagement to a girl with mustache. It doesn't work, obviously.

Gino discovers James shaving and doing his laundry in the men's bathroom. Why? All part of his subplot!

While Tony and Charlie discuss Charlie's hiring of the rock bottom guest, Luke relaxes with the paper nearby. Yep, still pretty.

I loved the poker scenes in this episode with the fancy camera angles and silly music.

Ben takes a moment while decorating the suite for Rebecca's divorce party to make out with the photo of Patrick Swayze on the wall.

Rebecca and Estelle do karaoke with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Maybe it's just me being a less than average teenager, but I never got the deal with Dirty Dancing. And every single girl in my graduating class thought it was the greatest film ever. What's the appeal?

James would love nothing more than a good coffee to begin his day, but can't as he doesn't have enough money. I do like that coat he's wearing though. Sort of a shorter trench. I wonder where that coffee house is? If I'm ever in London, I shall have a hunt around and find this and the building that they use for the exterior shots of the hotel. :)

This lack of decent coffee inevitably leads to a minor breakdown in the break room, where Jackie learns that James has squandered all his money losing at the weekly poker game and has even had to exchange the BMW he was living in for something cheaper. She promises to help him trounce Tony, who has the lion's share of the winnings.

Luke has been harmless and pretty for most of the series thus far, but after trying to get money for poker off of one of Rebecca's friends after they have sex, actually turns out to be a real bastard. Seems that it might come to a head in the next episode too.

After a miserable dinner where Rebecca confronts Estelle about her dating Rebecca's now ex-husband and Estelle in turn being threatened by the recently-fired rock bottom bell boy, the four friends come to the bar and work through some of their angst.

And then Gino starts singing 'Time of My Life' and that seems to cheer them up a little, even if his singing isn't great.

And finally, James pwns Tony at poker, after being tipped off by Jackie about how to know when he's bluffing. Winner takes all!


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