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The perils of dvd recording

Libby, I have the David Tennant 'Who do you think you are?' episode on disc. Only, the last ten minutes have kind of gone awol. :/ Oh, well. Most of it is there! How was the consultant talk? If you're still feeling Catholic guilt about the late lunch, STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

However, I do feel the need to point out that next Thursday is the Ides of March (a sacred day for all ancient historians and classicists) and that we should all try and have lunch together then to mourn Caesar and the fall of the Republic. And then I propose we all march down to Cromwell and harass Stephen until that he remembers his consular duties.

Speaking of the Rome series one box set came today! And the box the discs come in is made of wood (there's quality for you). I am a mass of fangirl joy and cannot wait to watch them. During the Easter break, of course, when I'm not working or doing assignment work. ;p I will make time!

Spent most of today's class reading theses, individual study unit essays and thesis proposals written by students in previous years. Evidently it's ok in your rationale if you're doing the topic for your own reasons (eg. Me doing it because five years on from my conversion and I'm still wanting to learn more about the church and it seemed appropriate to merge it with my other love, ancient Roman history). I also asked about writing in the first person, and it seems to some extent to be allowed. Obviously for reasons of objectivity I shall try and avoid it, but for my introduction it might be a nice touch.
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