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Hotel Babylon series two, episode two

I liked this one a bit more than the first episode. The badly behaved footballers and the cult plotlines worked fairly well. The one involving Tanya and the Croatian war criminal seemed to jar a little with the otherwise-silly plots though. I guess you could compare it to the plotline last season involving Jackie and the young refugee cleaner and her father. However, I don't think it was quite as well-executed as that particular storyline.

And now, for a few pics from the episode. And pretty much most are of Dexter Fletcher's loveliness.

After quitting her job as an traffic reporter on the radio, sex-crazed Jane from Coupling became a high powered manager woman for a football club. And had loads of sex with married footballers.

This season's 'WTF?' look from Tony.

No one could pull off 'Crazy Armageddon Cult Leader' quite like David Walliams.

Ahhhh, he looks awfully cute there.

The obligatory James screenshot, just before he gets pelted with bread rolls, the poor lamb. You can't see it properly, but I really like the tie he's wearing here.

Tony features a lot because he was in the main plot for this episode. He experiences great disillusionment and emo about how corrupt footballers have become since he was young.

It might just be me, but Rebecca and Tony seemed to be flirting like whoa in this episode. All that stuff about 'I've got a strong pair of hands' and all that. They could probably find a better romantic interest than Rebecca for him though. Better yet, bring in his as yet unseen wife. Or that wonderful tacky gold digger from the first series! I liked her.


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