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Got my new photo ID. It is marginally better than my last one in that I am not suffering a bad case of wind swept hair and am not squinting half as much.

Was going to see Venus tomorrow, but again the lure of money is packing me off to Bracken Ridge for the morning. I have plans to see it on Sunday now, which I am not going to break lest an act of God should occur. Must, must see Peter O'Toole in this before the academy awards on Monday. I am very encouraged by the positive reviews it's been getting.

Happily, I did finally get to see Perfume today.

And thus the grand condition of French characters being portrayed by English actors with English accents continues (see also: The Scarlet Pimpernel, Madame de Pompadour and Louis XV in Doctor Who, and Casanova which mocked the lack of accents)! Not that I minded really, because it was a rare sort of adaptation: that is to say, a film that more or less faithfully followed the storyline of the book. There were bits of the book that were cut for time reasons (most of Grenouille's hiding in the mountain cave and the entire interlude with the eccentric French count), but I can forgive that, because everything else was quite loyal to the book. John Hurt narrating the film was a nice touch too. He has the right voice for it.

There were some good performances here too. My favourite was Dustin Hoffman as Baldini (who went to the trouble of affecting an Italian accent, bless him), who did a good job of making the character likeable and presenting him to the audience as someone who knows the skills of making perfume. Ben Whishaw was quite good in the lead role as Grenouille, but to be perfectly honest I didn't find him physically repulsive at all. Grenouille is meant to be an ugly and nasty little man, and Whishaw, while trying earnestly to appear repulsive, isn't particularly. He's attractive in a gaunt, haunted sort of way. Alan Rickman, I can never find fault with. He conveyed the fatherly concern and anguish of Richis very well here.

I doubt it'll be in the cinemas for much longer, but it's definitely worth seeing. Even better if you've read the book, which is very good itself.

I saw a preview for Paris je t'aime as well, which I will undoubtedly see because Willem Dafoe is in one of the shorts.

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