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Ash Wednesday was today. I have a bad case of Catholic Guilt over the fact I couldn't get to a mass today (was at work from 8:15-5:15 today, and as a result couldn't go to a service at the cathedral, or take up Libby's kind offer of going to St Ignatius since no one could fill in for me). This kind of guilt over faith-related matters doesn't come over me very often, but I've always made a conscientious effort not to miss HDOs after I graduated high school and it's bugging me that it's happened.

Hopefully this won't happen again. Or at least let me be in the situation where someone can fill in next year.

And while we're discussing personal religious matters (which I don't do very often, as most of you well know), I like the idea of a unification of the Anglicans and the Catholics in theory. In practice, I certainly cannot see it working. The doctrinal differences are too great, and I don't see either church as willing to shift their position on matters such as married priests, celibacy or women's ordination. Also, how many Anglican clergymen would be willing to accept the authority of the Pope?

But hey, it'd be great if it could happen and none of this stuff mattered.

For a while it wasn't certain, but now I'm justified in doing my honours part-time. I'm getting more work at the bookshop. I'll have to commute to Bracken Ridge (and that's about a two hour trip by bus), but it's a small sacrifice for better wages. And on the plus side, in the middle of the semester it's quiet, so I can study and work on assignments.

Dad's asked about my timetable. I have one class this semester (And it's from 4-6 in the afternoon. ARGH.), but I think it's probably best that I spend a bit of time on campus for research and reading. I'm bringing this up mainly for Libby's benefit, since we should meet up at least once a week so I can see what agony you and Daniel are going through and vice versa. ;)

I would like to keep up with my Latin too. I regret that after studying five years of Japanese, I've forgotten all of it, and I don't want the same to happen with Latin. So I might retrieve that 1915 Codex of Canon Law that I bought at Archives and have another crack at translating it. And if my dictionary isn't good enough, then I have a volume of St Augustine's letters on my shelf that I wouldn't mind having a go at.

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