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Hotel Babylon Series Two, Episode One

*happy sigh* I'm so glad it's back.

I have to say, these new uniforms = hawt. I kind of miss the green and red, but I guess it was really too....festive. I miss The Hair. Now with 75% less curls.

After seeing this guy in the first series, he began to pop up in EVERYTHING. Saw him play Agatha Christie's husband in a special about her, and then Anthony Trollope's He Knew He Was Right and a load of other British series. Decided that he's awfully cute and I'm glad he made the opening titles.

Luke, Tony's protege and added Eye Candy for the new series. Awfully pretty, isn't he? But he has a very sexy Scottish accent.

Pretty straightforward plotlines in this episode. I saw the twist in the plotline about the MP and her cheating husband coming from a mile away. Charlie and Jackie need to get back together. I'm not sure I like the idea of Charlie and Rebecca hooking up, which seems to be the none-too-subtle direction that the writers are going in.

And now, for a few more screencaps.

The idea of the initiation I remember reading in the Hotel Babylon book (on which the series is based, obviously). Nothing about picking up peas or having a lobster put down your trousers, but tap dancing on the fryer is book canon. I just love Tony and James here though. They're clearly about to pwn Luke (that's a bowl of peas they're about to spill on the floor and make him pick up with tweezers. Again.).

The boys decide to infiltrate the Burlington Hotel to retrieve stolen items in one of the subplots. Those Burlington uniforms are kind of hawt. Might look better without the gaudy epaulettes though. And why has Martin Marquez (Gino) shaved off the moustache? He looks naked without it.

Unfortunately, they get caught in the act by their bizarro Burlington counterparts. And no, I'm not screencapping the outcome. Libby's childhood adoration for Dexter Fletcher in Press Gang might be severely affected by it. In any case, I wasn't complaining much.

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