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T'was Libby's 21st yesterday, and what a swell party it was. Thanks for inviting me! A lot of my uni friends I hadn't seen since December or earlier, so it was good to catch up. Makes me look forward to going back a little.

Having gone over it in my mind, I'm no longer freaking out over the course work for this semester. I'm a little nervous about having to critically analyse the work of my peers, and to have my own work treated as such, mainly because I have no idea how I'm going to go about that. But the whole point is that you learn how to do these things. Also, the justification in my mind for my thesis ("Five years ago, I converted to Catholicism and since then I've been wanting to learn more about the history of the church and this particular area is what really interests me as the formative years of Christianity.") isn't particularly scholarly-sounding at this point....I'm going to have to make it sound better.

Anyway. Enough of the angst. Following dives, I'm doing the '21 Crushes' meme. Eye candy ahead! Dial-up users, ye be warned for some of the pictures are large.

Most of the pics came from the recesses of my hard drive, but I've credited if I can remember where I retrieved them from.

1. Richard E. Grant (from the REG Temple)

He can write, direct, and act. And he is incredibly sexy in person. I should know.

2. Willem Dafoe (from Dafoe's Fan)

I spent most of my senior year watching his films (and chatting on AIM with other fans, including moony_girl13....ah, glory days!). Can play anything from Jesus Christ to a comic book villain. Amazing voice and mesmerizing eyes.

3. Jason Isaacs (from the now-defunct

Plays tough-but-pretty men, such as Lucius Malfoy and Colonel Tavington (who was the only good thing about The Patriot....the scene where he killed Heath Ledger was made of win). Has scarily blue eyes.

4. Stephen Colbert (pic from this picture needs iconing, methinks)

The newest 'addition', as it were. Made TIME magazine's '100 Most Influential People' list last year. And People magazine's 'Sexiest Men Alive' one too! I never miss his show.

5. Alan Rickman (here playing slimy Reverend Obadiah Slope in the Barchester Chronicles- forget where the pic's from)

Teh Rickman has it all. No need to sing his praises. Just go and watch him in a film like 'Michael Collins' or 'Sense and Sensibility' and be bowled over.

6. Ian Hart (pic from a now-defunct fansite)

The actor who played p-p-poor stut-stut-stuttering Quirrell in HPPS has ended up being one of my very favourite actors. This in part can be credited to threeoranges, who taped and sent many of his movies over to me. And for that I am eternally grateful. There's a certain delicacy in his looks that I really like, as you can see in this picture.

7. Edward Norton

I have to 'fess up to this one. I'm not a great fan of Norton's grittier work like Fight Club or American History X. I do however like him as a romantic lead in the rare times he's done it (The Illusionist, The Painted Veil and to a lesser extent, Keeping the Faith) and for being one of the few good things about Kingdom of Heaven. His small role as Baldwin IV (the leper king of Jerusalem) was a remarkable performance.

8. Dexter Fletcher (made this screencap myself)

I like him in Press Gang, but what really won me over was Hotel Babylon. In the words of dives, his hair was 'made from ambrosia of the gods'.

9. Jack Davenport (from

Should be getting more romantic lead roles, what with the good looks and speaking voice (I would've thought Coupling would be enough of a tip-off for producers). Why was he shunted to being a supporting player in The Wedding Date or PotC? Norrington was what got me into the fandom, and I will always lament that his role hasn't been more substantial in the films.

10. Alan Alda

Who doesn't love Hawkeye? Talented and funny.

11. Baz Luhrmann

severa and I fangirled over him for quite some time a few years ago. It was all about Luhrmann and his wonderful silvery blonde hair. I still think he's gorgeous, not to mention amazingly creative and a visionary.

12. Hugh Laurie

"From the Prince of Wales to Miss Amy Hardwood. Tally ho, my fine saucy young trollop! Trip over here with all your cash and some naughty night attire, and you'll be staring at my bedroom ceiling from now 'till Christmas, you lucky tart! Yours sincerely, signed George. P.S. Woof woof!"

*ahem* Equally brilliant at comedy and drama. Gives good acceptance speeches at awards shows. And, like Isaacs, sports amazingly blue eyes.

13. Jonathan Hyde

Exceptionally distinguished voice, which I like. Possibly underrated, and should be in more movies/tv.

14. Robert Lindsay

Loved him in Hornblower, loved him much more in Jericho. And My Family is terrible, but I like him in that too.

15. John Hannah

Because I'm a sucker for Scottish accents. And he made a better John Rebus.

16. David Hyde Pierce

I pretty much got hooked on Frasier because of this guy and his excellent comic timing.

17. David Tennant (from

Not so much as the Tenth Doctor, but in Casanova I fancied him madly (even if giving him blue contacts was a bad idea). Also, his natural Scottish accent is lovely.

18. Tim Freedman

I'm a bit disturbed at the lack of musicians on my list, since others on my flist seem to have a large number listed. In any event, Freedman is gorgeous and a talented lyricist. I hope to see The Whitlams in concert later this year.

19. Jeremy Irons

He played Alan Rickman's brother in one of the Die Hard sequels. Great voice. Was gorgeous back in Brideshead Revisited in the early 80s and still very much is today (did I not comment on his hotness at the Golden Globes?).

20. Peter O'Toole (scan from Vanity Fair, found via Google image search)

I was debating not putting him on the list, but at the risk of being mocked by my sister, he is. Has blue eyes that pwn Isaacs and Laurie. Was simply extrordinary in Lawrence of Arabia. Is a born raconteur, which made him just perfect to play the older Giacomo Casanova. Really, really hoping that he wins the Best Actor Oscar. Forest Whittaker might be very good, but he has longer to win one on his own merit. Let O'Toole win. I'd even bribe academy members to vote for him if that's what it took and I had the means to.

21. Jon Stewart

(Screencap from the Jon Stewart Experience. The irony amused me.)

Well, since Colbert's on the list, Stewart should be too (going with the theme of funny sexy guys). Made a good romantic lead for Gillian Anderson in Playing by Heart.

Not tagging anyone for this, because it took me for-freaking-ever to find pics and upload them to Photobucket. If you have the patience, by all means. :)

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