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Rome: The Spoils/The Kalends of February

Thus ends the series one of Rome here. I'd like to think channel nine will screen the second series later in the year, but considering the ratings....I'm really not seeing it. I'm still rather pissed off about the way it was all treated, and I can now fully appreciate those people on my flist who watch Veronica Mars or other shows and get angry when the commercial network decides to screen the program and then without warning after two weeks changes the timeslot to an hour like 1:00 in the morning before the show even has a chance to get viewers. Seeing that Rome is a show that is produced by a cable network in the US, I'd hope that it'd get picked up by Foxtel here and shown unedited. I can't imagine what channel it'd belong on though (W? Maybe Arena? Or perhaps Showtime?).

Anyway, a very good conclusion to one of the better historical dramas I've seen in the last few years. I didn't like him to begin with, but over the course of the series, I came to really like Pullo. He was the only character who really had good intentions and integrity all the way through (right down to the remorse he felt over killing Eirene's bethrothed), and I'm glad that it ended with him and Eirene in the country. It helped to alleviate the massive amount of emo that was generated between Vorenus and Brutus.

In The Spoils, there was a little scene between Octavia and Antony that I quite liked. Maybe I read into it a little too much, but there was good chemistry between the actors there, which will prove good in the next series (seeing as they'll be marrying). I'm not sure I really saw the point in Atia and Antony renewing their affair, since we didn't see or hear mention of it again (of course, I'm watched edited episodes, so there might be scenes I'm missing), but again that probably sets up for series two.

Also, really liked the chess game between Brutus and Caesar. Very good acting, and I liked the whole set up of the scene in the early evening with the stunning backdrop. Calpurnia's dream I liked too (I had to rewind it though to catch on that the ravens were flying in a skull formation).

Pullo's trial was great to watch. Maybe I'm wrong, but being a lawyer in ancient Rome must've been tougher work than it is today, especially when you've got an audience who could alternately cheer or boo at you while you're trying to give your speech and examine witnesses. I do think that Murder in Rome (the BBC production last year about Cicero defending Sextus Roscius) was good, but this really demonstrated how mean the crowd could get when it came to supporting or attacking a criminal. Pullo and Vorenus in the arena was fantastic....I don't believe it was realistic, but fantastic nonthless, to see them defending the honour of their legion and Vorenus finally to let go of his grudge.

My other favourite scene was one I term 'bitching in the senate', when Cicero/Brutus/Cassius/Casca and Antony (I think?) were watching all the new senators come in and complaining about the Gauls and Celts ("Look, he's wearing earrings!" Oh, the horror!). Cicero getting all indignant about Vorenus becoming a senator in the previous scene was also quite entertaining.

The assassination scene itself I found quite difficult to watch, much like Pompey's execution. I felt less sympathy for Caesar than Pompey, but it was still very difficult. Brutus' hesitation was very well conveyed and almost at once he seems to regret having committed the act. I think I would've preferred that Caesar stumbled and died under Pompey's statue (as he was recorded to have done- he wasn't actually killed in the senate house as we see here, but the theatre of Pompey), but it was still a very well-executed scene. Watching Servilia tell Atia and Octavian what was to happen was difficult to, and I found her extremely horrible and had to remind myself that Octavian was going to triumph when it came to the end of this entire period of turmoil.

Before I even consider getting any of series two, I'm going to order the series one dvd boxset and watch the episodes through again so I can see what was cut out by the censors. In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on the spoilers and not get too jealous of you lot who are watching it over in the states.

In other fandom news, there is a release date for HP 7. Within a day of its release, I predict rioting in the streets and a bloody conclusion to the Harmonian shipping wars of 2005. No, really, those in the fandom should brace themselves for the tide of wank that's going to cascade forth. It's not going to be pleasant, people.

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