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Wherein I write about textbooks for honours

Spent nearly US$150 for my texts yesterday. My wallet just shed a tear or two, but I'm strangely filled with glee at getting a set of texts which every scholar in early Christianity should have.

Checked St Paul's website, which listed all ten volumes of the Ante Nicene Fathers in their rather primitive-looking online catalogue (just a text file with all their titles listed). Called them, only to be informed that they'd have to be ordered in from the US. To which I decided 'Ah, screw it, I'll go to Amazon and order direct.'

Amazon did indeed have the ten volume set of Ante Nicene Fathers available. For US$299. Plus shipping. Checked the marketplace entries and had little luck there, since the cheapest editions available were not available for international buyers. Fished around on Google and finally found it going for US$80 at Ended up paying a lot for shipping, but I'm happy. I paid less than half of what Amazon were asking, and they're going to be incredibly useful books in the long run. Also, they're going to look brilliant sitting in my bookcase (always important).

Now that's most of my primary sources out of the way (still have to look for Josephus' Antiquities of the Jews, a few of John Chrysostom's works and possibly apocryphal biblical texts), there's the secondary sources. Considering the amount of money I just spent, I think I'll just rely on the library for resources just for now (certainly not ordering any titles from overseas for a while- if any of the secondary sources are readily available at bookshops in the city, I might look into picking them up depending on how relevant they are).

Beresford Kidd, 'A History of the Church to AD 461'
Hans Von Campenhausen, 'Jerusalem and Rome: The Problem of Authority in the Early Church', 'The Formation of the Christian Bible', 'The Fathers of the Latin Church', 'The Fathers of the Greek Church'
Hans Kung, 'Christianity: Its Essence and History'
Allen Brent, 'The Imperial Cult And The Development Of Church Order : Concepts And Images Of Authority In Paganism'
Everett Ferguson, 'Church, ministry, and organization in the early church era'

There are obviously more titles than what's listed here. I'm just going to have to go and have a much more thorough look in the library when I've got more time. But it's a start, anyway.


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