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I am hating the weather right now. Really, five minutes outside and you think you're going to faint from the sauna-like heat. However, there was this awesome electrical storm very early this morning. Not much thunder, but the lightning was pretty amazing.

Little to update about, really (hence me talking about the weather). I got a letter from the HPRC honours coordinator today saying that I do indeed satisfy the requirements for honours, and now I'm waiting on the director of studies in the Arts Faculty to approve my application. I'm elbow deep in ante-Nicene father texts in preparation at the moment. It's very slow going, and because I haven't bothered to look on Amazon or at St Paul's bookshop in the city, I'm reading the texts online. It's getting a bit tiresome.

However! My spirits are buoyed because Stephen Colbert show's finally going to start screening here in a few days (on cable, but then only SBS out of the commercial networks would consider picking it up). Maybe it was watching his exchanges with Bill O'Reilly on YouTube that make me want to check the Colbert Report out. Or perhaps it's that he's typical of male celebrities I like (tallish, skinny geeks who may wear glasses and are funny and/or witty. See also: David Tennant in Doctor Who, David Hyde Pierce in Frasier). I'm watching it, anyway.

*clicks update button and goes to look at St Paul's bookshop website*


Alright, so this may be more interesting to the DW fans (and maybe some of the Life on Mars fans) on my list than the whole of that last update. Potential casting rumour regarding a character (from the Old Skool series who we all know and love) in season three. And a possible spoiler about Sir Derek Jacobi's character too which makes me squee a little (if it's true....I just know who he's going to be! *dances*).

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