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Hey, dives?

Some kind soul posted the third episode of Dirt on YouTube in ten minute blocks. Just finished watching it.

Wow, that is serious crack! The whole thing, that is. I thought it'd be quite Hotel Babylon-ish, with a lot of glamour and bits of tackiness, but really the whole thing is tacky and most of the characters I really don't have any sympathy or liking for. I like Courtney Cox a lot more here than I ever liked her in Friends though.

Ian's brilliant. That American accent is really good, as are the horrible jackets and the hat. I felt a bit sorry he didn't get more screentime, but the scenes between him and Cox's character were brilliant. Despite being the last pair of actors I'd ever predict to be in a film/show together, they had very good chemistry (in a 'we're close friends who go way back' way, not romantically). It'd be nice to see more of that.

I can't believe I called it on the twisted romantice subplot either! BEST SCREWED UP LOVE STORY EVER. I love him, cutting off his finger just to get a picture (I think we get about two blink-and-you-miss-it shots of his bare backside there too- I obviously notice these things ;p). The interaction between him and the dead pregnant girl I watched torn between amusement, sympathy and general feelings of WTF.

I won't download anymore episodes, but it wasn't too bad. If it turns up on one of the cable networks, I'll probably watch it. But only for Ian and his acting, really. The rest of it really kind of paled in comparison.


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