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Short but sweet update

ARGH. When's the Doctor Who soundtrack getting a release here? Not that I want to buy it or anything, but I'd like to purchase a few of the tracks from iTunes (the music from Girl in the Fireplace in particular, because it was so pretty) and I can't, because it's only available in the UK iTunes store. *grumble* Did download some beautiful pieces from The Painted Veil score though (which won a Golden Globe). I don't know whether the film will get a release here, but I hope it does because it was a beautiful piece of work (<3 Naomi Watts).

Had marvellous time with Judi on Saturday wandering about the valley and looking at the tacky stuff on sale at the markets. We also saw The Queen, which was very good. Helen Mirren virtually disappears into the role and is very impressive.

Oh, and Libby? This is me RSVPing to your birthday party. If you need an e-mail or written reply though, let me know. :)
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