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Cato's death, as I remember it from Plutarch's account, was a little more drawn out than it was depicted in this. But I was kind of glad we were spared the sight of Cato ripping out his stitches. It was still very sad, to see the man who had finally lost all his faith in the republic and the will to live with it. Is there any evidence for such a cruel play being put on in the aftermath as well? Considering Caesar's reaction to Pompey's death, I wouldn't have placed him as a man who'd applaud the deaths of other Roman nobles.

It has occured to me that none of the characters (besides Vorenus, Pullo and maybe Octavia) are particularly likeable, but I found Servilia absolutely despicable in this episode, even if Atia's retaliation against her was a particularly cruel one. Poor Octavia! She just can't win. Much like Vorenus, really. The angst is strong in these ones.

I'm not sure I can buy Octavian as an atheist, particularly since he was noted as a very suspiscious man who paid attention to omens by Suetonius. This might change with time though.

Anyone watch the season two premiere? Not that I'm looking for spoilers or anything...*shifty look*

The Whitlams are performing with The Queensland Orchestra in late November, and according the QPAC, tickets were supposed to have gone on sale Monday. Having not seen them live before, I was naturally like 'Oooh, I'll book for this now!'. QTIX yielded nothing, so confused I went to QO's website, which said tickets weren't going on sale until April, though were available earlier for subscribers. *facepalm* I'm just going to wait until April, and perhaps not too many of the subscribers will have bought tickets. I'm presently debating whether I want to go to the QO Last Night of Proms concert (also in November), because I'm not sure whether anything could replicate the atmosphere of the actual concert in Albert Hall (which I would love to see at some point in my life). Plus, Jerusalem is not on the program, which is sacrelige odd to me, considering it's a staple. Must think on this further.

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