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'The Place of Rome and the Roman Empire in the lives of Early Christians'

A study of the changing relationship between early Christians and the Roman Empire from the first century C.E. to the fourth century C.E. The importance of Rome as a city to Christians shall also be examined.

That's the title of my thesis and the little paragraph I had to write on the proposal form for Roxane. It's nice to see it written down in proper wording, as opposed a jumble of names, places and thoughts in my head. Rick asked me to explain what I wanted to do, and it was about then that I finally knew what exactly it all was. I decided to stick to the first four centuries of Christianity, from its humble beginnings to the issuing of the Edict of Milan in 313. It's a good, clean time period to work with, and can adequately demonstrate the shift from Christians as a persecuted minority to finally gaining imperial favour from Constantine, as well as what Rome meant to Christians and the growth of Christianity.

I predict much weeping and gnashing of teeth throughout the next two years, and levels of stress never seen before. But what fun it'll be!

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