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Review time

Probably my favourite episode yet. I really, really liked the portrayal of Hellenized Egypt here, with the wigs and clothes and makeup. The sets were gorgeous, and made me nostalgic for the ruins I saw while in Egypt myself (I wonder where the desert scenes were filmed? Probably Morocco.).

Little Ptolemy was such a brat (Best bit was when Caesar pwned him mid-rant- "I AM NOT A VASSAL, I AM KING OF-" "SIT DOWN!"- just like a parent telling off a naughty child!). He reminded me of Gemellus in 'I, Claudius'. The actress who played Cleopatra was very good. There's been considerable conjecture about Cleopatra's appearance, and I'm inclined to believe that she wasn't the stunning woman that has been imagined in the past by actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor. The impression I got is that her charisma and charm is what won the likes of Caesar and Antony to her, not her beauty. The actress who plays her here certainly captures that charm and charisma (and her chemistry with Ciaran Hinds was believeable), though I don't think she would bear any physical resemblance to the Cleopatra of history.

As to 'little Caesar' of the title....I'm sure I've read theories suggesting that he wasn't Caesar's child. And in any case, the entire scene with the queen wanting sex with one of the centurions was hilarious. Poor Vorenus. The guy can't help but angst about his wife, even when he's being commanded to enter the queen. At least Pullo enjoyed himself.

The one scene that I really liked best though was the presentation of Pompey's head to Caesar. It really showcased Hinds' acting, the mixture of grief and disgust and anger. "Shame upon the house of Ptolemy for such barbarity! He was a consul of Rome!" And the funeral prayers....those scenes were perfect.

The non-Egypt scenes jarred a bit with me. I'm not sure if there was really any point of putting in the scenes with Servilia and Brutus and Servilia and Octavia. However, I really liked the scene in the senate house between Cicero, Brutus and Antony. The foreshadowing is excellent (and no doubt will not be lost on those watching series two who are not familiar with Cicero and his eventual fate).

We haven't yet seen Cato's suicide, though I imagine it'll feature in the next episode (titled Utica, so it's a fair bet). It'll sadden me, no doubt.

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