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My mood theme is describing me perfectly at the moment. Look at the agony on Laocoon's face!

My honours application is stressing me out. Or rather, the fact that I've been working solidly at Bracken Ridge for the past two weeks is stressing me out, because I've had no time to get over to St Lucia to talk to the relavant people. I believe that Rick went back to work on the 2nd, so I guess I could call later in the week. But really, the main person I need to get in touch with is Roxane, since she's the honours coordinator in my research field of choice. I don't know....I know I'm elegible, it's just that some of these smaller details are bothering me.

I think I need to calm down a bit, but the fact that the clock is ticking on this and I feel like I've done nothing (besides filling out what I needed to on the application form) is not helping! Must, must talk to Rick or Roxane by end of the week. Or get out to St Lucia next week and see if they're about.

Although I'm in minor agony over all this, the following clip on YouTube has cheered me up.

Someone with a lot of time on their hands went to all that trouble. And I'm grateful to them for it.

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