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Doctor Who and Torchwood

Sat down with Libby today and watched The Runaway Bride and the first episode of Torchwood (at last!). Libby, you forgot the videos. If you want to come and watch the This Life + 10 special when I've got it (after the 2nd of course), you can pick them up then if you wish.

Firstly, the most important bit of the entire show: OMG HE SAID GALLIFREY!!!11 About damn time that the G word was dropped, I say!

I didn't enjoy this as much as last year, but then last year had a considerable feel good factor to it, what with the happy Christmas dinner at the end and that great musical montage where Ten picks out his clothes from the wardrobe. Ten's emo over Rose bothered me a little. I wanted him to go and have Christmas dinner with Donna instead of just moping off in his TARDIS. The one bit of emo I liked was probably when he was watching the couples dancing at the reception and it was intercut with him catching Rose in New Earth. That worked well.

Catherine Tate wasn't as annoying as I thought she'd be, but still a bit grating on the nerves. I can't fault David Tennant's performance, and he is gorgeous as ever. I thought they had good chemistry together, and I daresay Donna could make a very good companion if a good writer chose to write her.

The Racnoss Empress could've been so much cooler. She was given so little to do. She stayed put in the same spot for nearly the entire duration of her screentime, not moving around. Surely they could've done a little CGI? Better yet, just CGI the whole monster rather than putting Sarah Parish in all that makeup and prosthetics. I felt rather let down by her demise too. The empress' ship looked cool, but it was destroyed by just one shot from a bloody armoured tank. WTF. I was hoping for more of a battle, to be honest. Way more attacking, considering that her children had all just been wiped out.

The Doctor's ethical code was thrown into question again here. There's certainly been a shift from when Four was asking 'Do I have the right?' to Nine feeling guilty over the genocide of the Daleks/destruction of Gallifrey to Ten simply wiping out the Racnoss without a second thought. Suppose it all goes back to the Doctor having more mercy when he was younger (and pre-Time War).

The 'Mr Saxon' mentioned during the final scenes is apparently the Bad Wolf/Torchwood for this season. I want to think that it's the Master who's taken this alias, but then he tends to use anagrams of his name. Please, please let it be the Master? Played by a really cool actor who has good chemistry with Tennant?

Season 3 trailer: Well, I like Martha already (liked her before on the sole basis that she was Not Rose) from what little I've seen. Glad to see that the Face of Boe's turning up again, though I have a feeling that he won't be killed off (and so we won't know what his dying words are, though I'm still rather convinced that it's going to be 'You are not alone'). Yay for Mark Gatiss appearing! And the black It'd be nice to see some other old school villains turning up for a change.

As to Torchwood...based on one episode, I can't really offer up a decent opinion. I'd like to download more, but I don't want to test my bandwith particularly on downloading four episodes a month, as much as I do love Captain Jack (and he is fab in this, though the Supermanesque pose was kind of silly). That first episode seemed decent enough, and the performances from the cast were good. Based on later spoilers about the series, I'm sure RTD's throwing in the swearing and sex just because he can, possibly at the loss of better character and plot development. I would like to think that the ABC will pick it up here and put it on in a late timeslot (on Friday nights, maybe?), but I'm not entirely convinced. I'm curious enough to see more though, so I hope it is broadcast here.

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