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My Christmas was a rather quiet affair compared with recent years (when we've always been visiting my brothers and their families). I served at the 8am mass at the cathedral, and then I went home. Watched a bit of midnight mass at St Peters and had lunch. I didn't get many presents this year, but then with the amount of stuff I picked up in Italy and Dubai, there really wasn't a need. However, I did get the complete second series of Doctor Who on dvd (yay!!), a nice little jewellery case (guess mum doesn't like the number of little boxes accumulating on my dresser) and perfume. Brendan bought me the Heath Ledger version of Casanova, which while I didn't enjoy it anywhere near as much as Tennant's version, did have its redeeming qualities, such as Jeremy Iron's vicious Inquisitor (and hey, it's the thought that counts!).

I didn't go to any of the sales today (though I might in a few days, since I want to pick up Tristram Shandy on dvd), but went to see Marie Antoinette instead, since I've been waiting to see it for months. I wasn't disappointed. Such a pretty pretty film. Not historically accurate, but still visually gorgeous and with enjoyable performances from Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman and Rip Torn (who made me laugh as Louis XV).

Oh, and Libby? The Runaway Bride is at my house. Let me know when you want to come over and watch it. :D

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