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And so the litany of ills continues.

First it was the stomach illness I picked up on the plane, then it was a cold, and now I'm being assaulted by the worst case of hay fever I've experienced in recent years (complete with apalling sensitivity to light and a temperature). I truly am death warmed up now and resemble a zombie at present. I'm hoping it gets better tomorrow, so I can work without sniffling and sneezing and scaring customers away with my bloodshot eyes.

Finally got to see episode four of Rome today, after much fiddling around to reconnect the VCR to the tv. I just know Nine are cutting bits and pieces out, but what can you do? I at least can admire the superb attention to detail in the sets and costumes (right down to the slaves wearing tags around their necks and Mark Antony being scraped down with a strigil) and the actors (Lindsey Duncan's Servilia I was very impressed with in particular for this episode). The fact that Octavia quoted from book six of the Aeneid however amused me in that it was inaccurate (the Aeneid being commissioned twenty or years later by Augustus). I suppose that the phrase could have had its origins elsewhere though (The gates of hell are open night and day/Smooth the descent, and easy is the way/But to return, and view the cheerful skies/In this the task and mighty labor lies., as John Dryden so eloquently puts it).

Pics of Pompeii will be up when I'm not feeling so dreadful and have the energy to resize them.

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