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Colosseum pics are here. The ones from the Forum and Capitoline Hill I shall upload tomorrow...there's an awful lot of them and I really couldn't be bothered resizing them all at the moment. ;p

The Colosseum however, was our first stop that day. I apologize for not having one of the classic shots of the outside of it, but they were actually filming a movie(!) around it and I just couldn't get a good angle. Large amount of peddlers selling cheap souvenirs around it, as well as guys in Roman army costumes charging money for you to have your photo taken with them.

I'm ashamed to say I didn't take a lot of photos of the inside, but needless to say it's better to see it yourself. The labyrinth of rooms and corridors below the arena is mind boggling. Much to my envy, there were professional photographers down there snapping away, but I imagine you need a special permit to take photos in that particular area.

Again, many Latin inscriptions to keep me interested (the Decius Marius one is a favourite). As well as an excellent exhibition on the second tier about the Iliad, featuring a large collection of ancient art (black and red figure vases, beauty accessories, busts, figurines, etc) depicting the various scenes and characters in it (alas, no photos of those either- but then most of the pieces were behind glass under dim lighting).

You'll see I took a photo of one of the many cats that inhabit the Colosseum and other ruins. I actually only saw two that day, but there are many more hanging around in the darker, quieter areas. There were loads in the Julian forum later in the trip. They're well-looked after, and in part that's due to a wonderful group of volunteers who spend their time giving them medical attention and food. I'm probably going on a bit too much here, but then I've always been a cat lover and it kind of tugs at the heart strings to see how many that have been abandoned by their owners.

We took the Metro to get to the Colosseum, which was not exactly the most comfortable of experiences since we went during peak hour. Standing room only, packed in like sardines. Brendan seemed to think that someone might have been feeling one of his (empty) jacket pockets for money as well (not really surprising though). We only used it one other time for the duration of the trip and just chose to walk everywhere instead (which made us very tired by the end of the day but probably fitter).

I shall talk about the Forum and Palatine/Capitoline Hills tomorrow. My sore throat's nearly gone, but now I've got a blocked nose (probably not a result of the plane trip, but rather going in and out of air conditioned environments in the past few days). Taking a cold pill and going to bed, hopefully to feel better in the morning.

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