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Quick update from Firenze

Got to Florence kind of late, so there'll be no checking out of churches and art now (the famous David beckons in the Academia tomorrow though). Boo. Hope all you possums are well. I should've mentioned this before, but Judi? Totally had a glass of grappa for you on the 17th, at a little Chinese restaurant down the road from my hotel. Also tried Limoncello, which was recommended to me by my friend Suze (who digs around Pompeii over the winter break)- that stuff is vile poison, and should never be touched! Speaking of Pompeii, I went there on Tuesday. The tour kind of sucked, to be honest (Only two hours, and we didn't see the Villa of the Mysteries, which is one of the main things I wanted to see. ARGH). Next time, I'll just catch a train there and do my own thing. :/

Started reading Imperium today on the train- my God, it's a brilliant read. Cicero is serious love, people. I want this book to be made into a film with some brilliant British Shakesperean actor in the role of Cicero, for surely the voice is everything when it comes to Arpinum's favourite son.

Assisi was lovely, and I felt a great sense of the holiness of the place. All cobbled roads and little brick houses, and stunning views of the Perugian countryside. I will come back again definitely, particularly since it rained half the time we were there and I didn't get to San Damiano because of that.

Anyway, it nears dinner time here, and I must sign off. I've had some annoying mixup with the order for my academic dress (got no confirmation e-mail and it looks like the payment mightn't have gone through *grumble*), so you will all no doubt hear from me again.

Again, hope you're all well.

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