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Buongiorno from the Eternal City

Having bloody marvellous time here, and assuredly I hear you all seething with jealousy from my computer station at the Piazza Navona. Rome is beautiful. The weather is pleasantly cool, not at all freezing, though I'm informed that it's freak weather for Rome at this time of year. No mishaps so far, apart from some bad batteries bought for my camera that didn't work.

I went to Tivoli this morning, which was just amazing. The Villas I've visited are just stunning. So, so many beautiful pieces of art and architecture, many of which I've looked at in slides this year. There are no words to describe St. Peter's, or the numerous other stunning churches I've visited.

I'm not even going to try reading all the entries on my friends page. I hope that you're all well though, and I shall probably update again when I return from Florence and Assisi next week.

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