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I was going to watch the first ep of Torchwood before I left, but time sort of ran out on me. ;p

So, off to Rome I go then! I expect I'll hope on here to read the flist every now and then. Who knows, I might even be able to report on TomKat's wedding (That's right, they're getting married in Italy while I'm there. I've even heard they want to marry in the Vatican. What fun.). I don't know whether I'll update, but you may all expect a slew of photos and a big report when I get back.

Before I go, I want to wish jazzgoddess all the happiness in the world for her wedding day, since it's happening while I'm away. I miss your presence on my friends page, and I hope that there'll be a nice write-up about it to read when I get back. :)

Judi, good luck with Latin! I shall raise a toast in your honour on the 17th (or rather, the 16th, I think?). Ditto for you, Libby. You will conquer Sallust, I've no doubt of it.

As for the rest of you all....ciao!

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