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Concluding this semester's episode of the Aeneid...

The Latin exam went very well. Memorizing the translation really paid off, and although I stumbled a bit with the parsing, the questions John put in about the characters I knew the answers to. Huzzah! I needed fifteen out of fifty to pass that exam...I think I managed that quite nicely.

Pottered around in Borders afterwards. I got a 40% off coupon in the e-mail today, and I spent a good deal of time staring longingly at the Oxford Classical Dictionary (THE dictionary to have if you're a classics/ancient history student). It's $270, but with the coupon it'd be about $160. Gah! What do I do? That's still a fair bit of money to pay for a book, but I might not get such a sweet deal again on it since Borders don't stock the OCD that often and the coupon expires on the 16th (could ask for it as a Christmas present, but I think the parental unit would baulk at such an expensive book too).

In any event, I have to go into the city tomorrow to pick up a few things for my trip, if classics students want to counsel me on this dilemma (for they'll appreciate the importance of the OCD), please feel free to.

Edit: Whee, thankyou Judi! *dilemma is resolved*

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