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I've been reading the same six hundred or so lines of Aeneid VI for the past three or four days. I think it's starting to work, because I'm able to look at some lines in Latin and translate them into English in my mind. Other lines that I'm not completely familiar with I'm managing to decipher as well, just from their placement or familiar words. Not that I advocate memorizing a text when it comes to a language subject, but it's always worked for me, so there you have it. I've been working slowly on the parsing as well, circling the words that were pointed out in the online commentary.

It's getting terribly dull, reading the line about Aeneas speaking sweetly to Dido's ghost ('I swear by the stars and heavens, and if anything under the earth is holy, my queen, against my will did I leave your shores.') and all of the hero's exploits in the underworld, but it has to pay off. And in any event, I'm lugging Eco's Foucault's Pendulum, a biography of Casanova and Robert Harris' Imperium with me to Italy, all of which I expect will be more entertaining reads (if I find the time to read, that is).

Not much else to say. Anjuli is getting my spare graduation ticket, so her and Judi are going to be sitting with my parents (I tremble with fear at this). I went to a Melbourne Cup luncheon with dad yesterday at the TAFE (he offered me a full day of work, since his other employees were off at their own parties or out at Eagle Farm). He was meant to put money on Yeats for me at the TAB, but forgot (a good thing, in retrospect).

Back to the parsing, then. And the odd consulting of my dictionary of mythology (John, in his infinite wisdom, is giving us questions about characters in the text as opposed to scansion. Good man.).

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