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They're introducing the Sci-Fi channel onto cable here starting next month! Buffy! BSG! The X-Files! At decent times of the day too (instead of late at night, which is where most sci-fi shows go on the commercial networks). The only thing that would make this sweeter would be if they got the rights to Old Skool Doctor Who (though UKTV probably has a claim on that as well since they show the New Skool series).

Rather pleased that the second series of Supernova seems to be premiering next month too. It was a terrible show which really played up the horrible Australian stereotypes (aka: dangerous/poinsonous animals everywhere and kangaroos breaking into your house regularly). Though, I did like the episode where the astronomers thought that they were looking at the face of God in a nebula (when it was actually tv footage of Jon Pertwee that got there in some weird signal mixup), and I've come to enjoy Rob Brydon as a comic actor.

Eight days until I'm off to Italy. Still not very excited, probably because of Latin exam that's three days before my departure. Boo. Will have to think of packing soon as well, given that if I do it at the last minute, I will obviously forget something important (as is my nature with these things).

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