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Marcel has finally announced when we can see him re: exam results. If it weren't for work and that it's a holy day of obligation (All Saints), I'd go in tomorrow. Looks like I'm coming in Friday now (which I was going to anyway, so it's moot point). Libby, Judi, I know you're going to be on campus....fancy a trip up to the 7th floor of Michie with me? I need moral support when it comes to Marcel.

By some stumbling through IMDb, I discovered they're doing five more of the Imperium movies: Saint Peter, Titus, Marcus Aurelius, Constantine and The Fall of the Roman Empire. If they screw Marcus Aurelius and Constantine up I will cry (Titus I'm fairly indifferent to, except for maybe when he was involved with Berenice and the Jewish-Roman War). Never mind the WTFery of including a telemovie about Saint Peter among Roman emperors. o_O

And before I forget....Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate it (pity it's not really celebrated here...)!

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