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The Pompey essay is handed in. And what a surprise, I feel equally as pissed off as I did the last time I wrote an essay about him. Marcel will have a coronary when he sees all the references, but no doubt he'll love that I went 300 or so words over. Virgil was handed in to John, and thus two birds were killed with one stone.

(yep, definitely a big glass of wine for me tonight)

The week of assessment hell is over though, and for that I am grateful. It didn't really occur to me that my Latin class today was my last as an undergraduate, but I'm not terribly excited or thrilled as such. I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to go in my final results for Roman Revolution and possibly Latin as well. I don't particularly want to call on Marcel next week to see my exam/document analysis results, but I might just be doing that to see how well I went.

Oh well, enough contemplation! I'm afforded some relaxation tonight, and who better to do it with than friends?

Also, I saw Robert Harris' new book Imperium in Borders yesterday. So bought that to read in Italy (for although I hate Pompey even more, I still hold great affection for Cicero).

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