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DVD woes

Judi, the Rome dvd isn't playing. I've tried both dvd players and no cigar. The main player gave me the cryptic message of 'Unknown disc, please try again'.

I've read through the instruction book for both players, and by all logic they should play the disc. However, the one for the main player did offer this pearl of wisdom:

'If you record a disc using a personal computer, even if it is recorded in a compatible format, there are cases in which it may not play because of the settlings of the application software used to create the disc. (Check with the software publisher for more detailed information.)'

I'm not sure exactly what that all means, but I assume it's the program you use to burn the disc. In any event, I shall bring the disc with me tomorrow night to the engagement party and perhaps either you and Steven will have some sort of enlightening idea or whatnot.

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