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No DW *woe*

New Tricks is on instead. I've had difficulty taking Dennis Waterman seriously since Little Britain (or even before that), and there are slim pickings on the other channels. Now, this would be why I should have a social life. Thankfully, Anjuli has her engagement party next week, so I'll have something interesting to report, maybe.

Brendan and I spent two hours discussing day trips out to Pompeii/Herculaneum/Naples. I'm rather settled on, as it's cheap and they're also going out to Tivoli as well. I swear, we've looked at least one slide of Hadrian's villa every week in Art and Architecture. I'm desperate to see the real deal now!

The Pompey paper crawls along at a slow pace. Marcel's expectations of what he would deem a good essay are proving to be a bit constraining. The good news is, it seems like no one else is doing this paper, as the essay's due in two weeks and no one's requested the books I have out (which is an extremely odd occurrence).

I swear, all these boring entries are going to be entirely made up for by my Rome trip. ;p

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