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Got the bloody Art and Architecture essay in. I'll be happy if I never see another terracotta lamp again for the rest of my life. Steven bought the burned dvd of Rome. Plans for a marathon at my place are imminent.

The Little Britain stage show is coming to Brisbane. Gah! If the tickets haven't sold out already, I'm going to try and go. Maybe I can talk Brendan into coming too, since he got me onto the show in the first place.

Bought mum tickets to the Pirates of Penzance for her birthday (it's coming here in December), as Anthony Warlow is singing the role of the Pirate King. Not entirely sure if it was a wise decision to dress him up like Jack Sparrow, but that shouldn't take away from his singing, I would think! *hums the Major General Song*

The Torchwood trailer is all kinds of awesome. Yay Captain Jack! He looked very Mal Reynolds in that trailer.

Think I'm going to go and catch up on my Virgil now. And later, I must do some work on that Pompey essay that's due in about two weeks.

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