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"Shut up bitch, I want to be on the telly."

And that's it for another year for the Doctor! I don't believe this series is on an equal par with the first, but in terms of a debut for David Tennant, not bad at all.

Seriously, I couldn't look at some of those scenes without thinking of that swearing Daleks and Cybermen video on YouTube a few months ago ("You are a son." "Of what?" "A bitch. You are a son of a bitch.").

Lots of things to like about this episode (more on the tide of emo in a moment). I think some in the fandom have been complaining about the verbal smackdown between the Daleks and Cybermen. Me? I loved it. "You are better at dying." HAHAHAHA, ah, the Daleks were always going to pwn the Cybermen. Even if the Cybermen were new and improved with guns. That said, I hope this is the only conflict we're going to see between these two Big Baddies of the show. I have a horrible feeling it could get really silly if taken further.

For some reason, Cyber!Yvonne's emo oil tear was kind of cool. Never mind why she still sounds like a woman and all that.

JACKIE/PETE FOR THE WIN. Pete saw through that chav exterior and saw the Jackie he knew and loved. And BABIES! Woot for moving on with life, I say.

Felt like Mickey and Jake were barely in this episode, even if they did get screentime and great lines. Bah, they were both totally eclipsed by Rose's emo.

Ah yes, the emo. I wish Rose had gotten a more dignified exit, I really do. It was at a point where her relationship with Ten was seemed to be getting a little out of hand. I miss the Rose of series one. We obviously won't see her working at Torchwood and doing Saving The Universe-type stuff, but I would like to think she got all the emo out like most of the other companions did when they left. It's certainly not the saddest parting I've seen (that award goes to One locking Susan out of the TARDIS). That Ten got all upset sort of doesn't help either.

Still! The ending was saved by conveniently inserting Catherine Tate in a wedding dress into the TARDIS to make us all go WTF? Including the Doctor.

Ten: WHAT?

Catherine: Am I bovvered?

Ten: No, really, WHAT?

Catherine: Am I bovvered though?

Hopefully this UK comedian guest appearance won't be as car wreck-ish as Peter Kay in Love and Monsters.

So! Torchwood begins on October 22nd, does it? Suppose I had better hunt for it for certain interested parties (Libby, I am looking at you here...). And there's about three months until the Christmas special, which will also be eagerly sought out (some of the spoilers I've read are actually sound kind of promising).

In other news, series one and two of This Life is out on dvd here. And dear God, do I covet it. I watched most of the episodes on UKTV earlier this year, and loved it. At the very least, I'm going to see about getting my hands on the Christmas special when it airs. *nod*

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