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Could've hung out with friends languishing at home instead staring at my unfinished essay for Roman Art and Architecture. I'm past the halfway point on it, which gives me hope that I could have it finished by Sunday. It's proving to be a tougher paper to write than I'd anticipated though. And I'm sincerely hoping that Roman coinage can be counted as minor arts, because I've devoted a few paragraphs to how the religious beliefs of Romans can be evidenced on them (which is the whole point of the essay).

On the upside (as opposed to the angst of assignment work), Judi and I have been planning to hold a Rome marathon (and I must ask dear, did burning the episodes from Steven's laptop work?). Twelve episodes, all to be watched on the glorious new widescreen dad bought a week ago (it hangs on the wall like a painting!). It will surely be a hugely enjoyable event!

Anyway. No rest for the wicked, as they say...

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