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I'm....on my mid-semester break. If you can call it a break, as I will be working on essays all the way through it. ;p Still, I get to do all this in the comfort of my own home, with the requisite food and tv breaks. This obviously includes the following show...

Great improvement over last week. This must be a budget ep as well, but it was so much better.

The concept of the isolus was great. Rather cool, now that I really think about it, if a little similar to the Gelth from series one. Rather pretty aesthetically as well, with the flower-like appearance. The scribble ball that attacked Rose however, was completely stupid.

The plot was loose, but still reasonable, and made better by the performances of the actors. I love Nina Sosanya, and it was great to see her playing against Tennant again (Ah, Casanova and Bellino meet again in the 21st century! Only not.). The actress that played Chloe was quite good too, even if there was a scene or two that seemed a bit silly.

Speaking of silly.....Ten lighting the Olympic flame. Utterly silly. But I liked it, because it's the sort of thing he does (see also: sliding down a lift cable in New Earth with IV solutions to save diseased people, jumping a horse through a time window and winking at Madame de Pompadour).

The end of the episode was kind of ruined for me though.


Ten: Uh....never say never?


Foreshadowing: *IS IN YOUR FACE*

Soundtrack: *IS ALSO IN YOUR FACE*

Next week's episode looks brilliant though. However, it is being written by RTD, so I'm not going to pass judgment until I see it, because there seems to be a hint of EMO WOE in the trailer.

In other Who-related news, the first series (of New Who, that is) is going to be on cable from next week. I told Brendan, and he says he'll try and put his childhood nightmares of the Daleks behind him and watch it. Now, if only Foxtel could secure the rights to the Old Skool series.

And now if you'll excuse me, Alan Alda is on Parky tonight, which will no doubt be a very entertaining interview.

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