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Pirates of the Mediterranean: Curse of the Rogue General

Eeehee! Anyone else notice that the little usericons next to the usernames have eyepatches on them? Oooh, and the update button says 'Update Captain's log!'

Of course, this is because it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Had a grand old time in Roman Revolution this afternoon because we were dealing with Pompey's commands in the 70s BC and it so happened that he was sent to do away with the pirates around the Mediterranean. Thus, whenever Marcel uttered the word 'pirate', he was met with random calls of 'Arrrr!'. T'was great!

Little else to tell. I got my museum report back and was surprised to get a really good result. Of course, now I have to concern myself with the essay that's due on the 10th of next month. But a good result? Whee! Or rather, 'Arrrrr!'

*trots out Guybrush Threepwood icon for post* You fight like a dairy farmer!

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