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Doctor Who 2.10- Love and Monsters

Not too much to say, besides that it did, unfortunately, suck (even with my expectations lowered). Interesting concept, poor execution by Russell T. Davies. I liked his writing for series one, but the three eps he's written thus far for series two I don't really like at all. There were a few things I liked, such as the use of ELO and the character of Elton, but generally this was a serious wet fish (I believe you called this the 'budget episode', Libby?).

I thought it might've been cool if Elton had seen a previous incarnation of the Doctor as a kid, rather than seeing Ten. I suppose that couldn't be pulled off though, for plot reasons (and RTD's refusal to bring past Doctors in *grumble*). All the same, it's a pity.

With all due to respect to the kid who designed the Abzorbaloff, as a monster it just didn't work. This was probably worsened by Peter Kay's performance, which was annoying and hammy and just really panto villainish.

At least next week's episode looks a bit more promising, especially with Nina Sosanya guest starring. Ooooh, three episodes to go now (oh noes!). Of course, I shall be torrenting Torchwood, but I believe that's still about a month or so away from showing in Britain. Still, I recently obtained the 1996 telemovie, which Libby and I are going to watch (not to mention all the Old Skool episodes), so it's not like we'll be out of things to watch, exactly. :)

I also finally got to see Breakfast on Pluto today, which I quite liked. Lovely performance from Cillian Murphy (ooh, and I was quite impressed by Stephen Rea too), great soundtrack and feel. I'm tempted to see if the book is in Borders now, just to see how the two measure up. The Wind that Shakes the Barley also came out here recently and also stars Murphy, so I wouldn't mind seeing that either.

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