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Museum report done. Religion essay currently being worked on. Further study for Latin mid-semester tomorrow. I will be ready to collapse by Friday afternoon. But I will surely collapse a happy woman for having survived the first half of the semester!

Bought the Doctor Who serial Seeds of Death on Monday. I've heard that Two and Jamie have some serious chemistry going on (Well, there's obviously a reason Ten thought of his name in Tooth and Claw besides his Scottishness, right?) and I wanted to see for myself. I was going to review The Impossible Planet in this entry, but I might leave that until I see The Satan Pit on Saturday night and then review them together. Did like the music for Impossible Planet though, very Firefly-esque imho.

Finally got a new episode of House tonight after a few weeks of repeats. Viewers in the US got the season three premiere last night. I am SEETHING with envy and frustrated that we're still stuck on season two.

Right. Back to work! This essay will not write itself...

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