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Hee, someone made the exact icon I was thinking of after watching that Rude Villains of Doctor Who video! *is pleased and shows it off*

About to retire, but I have about four hundred more words to do on the Marius paper this weekend, LOADS of work to do on the museum report and about sixty lines of Latin left. I am rather pleased for being so productive this evening though, especially as the new Cracker telemovie was being shown tonight (and OMG it's so good, though I think I'll have to tape the rest, as I'm too tired to stay up any longer).

On a random note, I've been reading Tristram Shandy for three weeks now, and I haven't even gotten to a 100 pages (and it's a 500 page novel, ugh). I'm really starting to believe that there is no way this film could be made, and they were right to spoof an attempt at making it.

Saw clips of Breakfast on Pluto on At the Movies the other night. My reaction to Liam Neeson was seriously 'guh' (and that he voiced a Catholic priest in a Simpsons episode further adds to my amusement and fangirl squeeing). I will try and see it after I get the Marius essay and at least a good portion of the museum report out of the way.

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