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You know, Boston Legal is a surprisingly good show. I say this because I'm watching an episode I taped, and I have obviously, seriously underestimated it. William Shatner FTW!

Had a minor heart attack before, because I decided that I again needed to count up my course units to see if I'd be eligible to graduate and somehow managed to miss a few courses. I'm not sure what's worse, that I had a freak out about not being able to graduate with all the people I've been taking my ancient history and classics classes with, or the prospect of summer semester. Either way, it alllll adds up to #48 (provided I don't fail anything, of course). So I was worrying over nothing, as usual.

I could've stayed at uni this afternoon and watched 'I, Claudius' with friends, but instead I've come home and collected some articles off JSTOR for my essay on Marius. Ergo, my conscience is not the roaring angry Catholic guilt monster it was earlier this afternoon, yet still hissing at me to actually open Word and type up more.

Having lunch with Judi and Anjuli after Art & Architecture tomorrow. And because I've been good and done my course reading for Roman Revolution, there will be no distracting read-along sessions!

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