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Dammit, in all their infinite wisdom, Greater Union decided to show The Libertine in the city for only one week. ARGH. Will probably have to go to Indooroopilly to see it now. Must pitch this to Libby and Daniel tomorrow (if they don't know this already), since we were going to see it in the city. *grumble*

Also? I clearly made the wrong choice for the my museum report for Art and Architecture. I was obviously too distracted by Teh Pretty. As it happens, the Roman carved gems are the most difficult thing to draw, with the detail being so fine and whatnot. Still, I'm quite certain I'll be able to write a thousand words on them. Whether my drawing skills will be up to it however, is another matter entirely.

Since Monday, we've had fish. Dad brought home two siamese fighting fish, who were christened Quentin and Sophia (after directors Tarantino and Coppola). They're gorgeous (and living in a partitioned tank as well, since they'd probably kill each other otherwise), and both of the cats are rather curious, especially Basil, who sat next to the tank last night and watched them. XD

jazzgoddess, I'm listening out for you tonight at the state choir finals. Good luck! :D

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