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Think I got the workshop for Roman Art & Architecture I wanted. Either way, I haven't been e-mailed yet asking whether I'd prefer to take the 1-2pm workshop as opposed the 12-1pm, the latter being the one I wanted. Still, the list for that one was considerable, so I'm probably not out of the woods yet...

Need to pick an object/s for my museum report now. Having perused the handy virtual collection for the Antiquities Museum, I'm considering the carved gems and intaglios. Whether I could write 1500 words on those is another story completely though, so I'm also leaning towards a couple of the figurines. Need to narrow it down soon.

Hung out with Judi and Anjuli after Art & Architecture. We had a read-along of Polybius' thoughts on the Roman constitution, which ended up being not very useful at all, because it became a competition to see who could distract the reader best.

Also came up with a prospective list of churches to visit in Rome (besides Saint Peter's obviously) and came up with the following:

* Basilica of John Lateran (Pretty much a given, as it's as much a place of historical significance as St. Peter's and held in equal importance.)
* Santa Maria Maggiore (This one is actually listed on our itinerary, as Brendan hears that the choir there is especially good.)
* Santa Croce in Gerusalemme (Houses several apparent relics, including part of the INRI tablet.)
* Trinita Dei Monti (Belongs to the Sacre Coeur nuns, I think? Also, it's conveniently located near the Spanish Steps.)
* Basilica of Saint Paul outside the walls (Gorgeous facade and cloisters.)
* San Pietro in Vincoli (Home to Michaelangelo's statue of Moses)
* Basilica of Saint Lawrence outside the walls (The resting place of St. Stephen, who's patron saint of altar servers, so obviously we're going there.)
* Saint Clement's (Built over a Mithraeum!)
* Saint Maria in Aracaeli (According to Brendan, Augustus saw an apparition of Mary here, though I think I'm going to have to chase up some more information on that...)

Thinking that we're going to have to devote two days to see all these places properly, probably in the couple of days in Rome we have after we get back from Florence and before we leave for Dubai. But still! Much enjoyment will be had, and no doubt my camera will get a good workout in the places where photography's allowed.

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