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I was going through the course profile for Roman Revolution again and deciding what essay topics to do, and I came upon this one for the second half of the course:

4. "[Pompey's] career opened in fraud and violence [and was] prosecuted, in war and peace, through illegality and treachery." (R.Syme, The Roman Revolution, Oxford, 1939: p28) Do you agree with Syme's appraisal of Pompey's career?

This is, word for word, an essay question that I got in grade 12 ancient history. I swear! I even got carolinebishop to take at look at one of my drafts at the time. Ha, if only I could hand that in....but alas, no, because my essay writing back then was appalling and my mark on the essay wasn't terrific. But I have learned much since then, so I think I might end up choosing this topic. As much as I hated writing about Pompey the first time around, the other questions for the second essay don't really tickle my fancy, save for one about whether or not Cicero was right to prosecute the Catalinarian conspirators.

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