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Looked at course profiles and timetables tonight in preparation for next week. In conclusion? Ehhhh. I'm going to be one busy woman this semester. x_x Again, I have Latin on Friday, and instead my day off is Wednesday. Not too bad, but I dread Tuesdays, there's only one workshop group I can make for Art & Architecture to avoid clashing with Roman Revolution. I'm not entirely sure about the merits of signing up for these workshops in the first lecture....wouldn't it just be a lot easier to do it on SInet? Sonia did the same thing last year with the Roman mythology tutorials, and so we all had the joy of having to scramble to the front of the lecture theatre to write our names down. Must make sure I'm in the front row for that lecture to avoid the crush, if that's going to be the case.

The good news is, both exams for Roman Art & Architecture and Roman Revolution are multiple choice in-class ones held (now, this is very important) before exam block in the last week of classes. Which means I probably only have Latin to worry about setting up an alternate exam date for (I'm betting on a take-home exam/essay for my religion subject, since that seems like the norm for the faculty). So, less to worry about on the Rome front!

And on the Rome front, now that the flights and accomodation are fixed, we're looking at booking attractions. We're going to see Wagner's Tristan & Isolde on the 16th in Rome, and also planning on booking a visit to the necropolis under Saint Peter's. Also e-mailed a former Brisbane priest who now works in one of the Vatican congregations and he will be arranging tickets for us to attend a Papal audience. So, all bodes rather well with Rome. I'm not as excited as I was to begin with, and I rather suspect it's because I have a whole semester's work to get through before going. Ah, but what a reward it will be!

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