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Got accomodation for Italy organized this past weekend. Had much fun with Brendan reading bad reviews for some of the hotels we were looking at. XD But anyway, we're staying in the Emmaus in Rome, the Sole in Assisi and the Globus in Florence. And hopefully the good reviews that these hotels got live up to their promise. In any event, nothing was particularly expensive and for that I am grateful.

Saw Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull story yesterday. One of the funniest British films I've seen in years, and it leaves me strongly tempted to read the original book by Sterne. I find Steve Coogan irritating as all hell, but I love Rob Brydon and it was fun to pick out half the British comedy acting establishment in various roles as themselves and characters from the novel.

I'm doing full days at Ithaca again for this week. Sold six grand in textbooks today. And ploughed through the rest of Casanova's memoirs. Tomorrow, I intend on finishing the anthology of letters from Sister Maria Celeste to her father, Galileo Galilei. And then, hopefully Neil Gaiman's American Gods, because I've been wanting to read that forever.

As usual, exciting fare for the journal entry tonight! However, when I got home from work earlier, I did come back to an unexpected surprise: a postcard from Karen! Thankyou for that, the grotto looks gorgeous and I appreciate your kind words. :)

And in tv viewing, I'm absolutely loving Bleak House. Gah, the ABC's been showing some really top-quality stuff this year! Now, if only they would get off their arses and start showing Life on Mars...

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