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I want to extend a big ol' welcome to jessamy104, who I was at school with. I don't tend to keep in touch with any of the other girls in my graduating class, which is sad (and a testament to my horrible laziness), but I am delighted that I have a chance to see what at least one is up to! Welcome to livejournal, Jess. My journal tends to be a bit dull (all tv and Doctor Who-ness and moaning about study), but I'll at least be glad to see your entries on my friends page. :D

On an unrelated note, channel nine had a clip of Rome for upcoming shows last night during the ads. Hurry up and show it already! And if they shunt it to a late night spot, I'll be really pissed off. Empire was a huge disappointment, and I've been waiting to see this for ages!
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