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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Alright, so I set my expectations a little low, because I was kind of annoyed that the writers decided to have Commodore Norrington go pirate.

Turning the Commodore pirate was annoying to me for two reasons:

1. It totally defeats the purpose of James' portrayal in the first film. That even though he was Jack Sparrow's opposite, that did not a villain make. So, having him driven to piracy bothered me, because here was a guy in authority that wasn't actually bad, but in fact good and honourable. Win!

2. Purely aesthetic reasons. I'm not a fan of beards, especially not on my favourite actors (see also: David Tennant). Plus, Jack Davenport was hot as all hell in the navy uniform (despite Davenport comparing himself to an ice cream on the dvd).

Anyway, back to the film. I'd set my expectations lower, and as such, I wasn't disappointed. As far as sequels go, this one is pretty much on equal par with its predecessor. The script dialogue's excellent, as are the cast, the special effects, music and all other things. Loved Johnny Depp.....his performance was equally as engaging and enjoyable as the last time around. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley played their roles well enough. I yearn to see Orlando play a character that isn't good, though. He's played too many heroes....he needs to play a villain!

Bill Nighy, despite being swathed by tentacles and a heap of other prosthetics, was suitably scary and sinister as Davy Jones. I loved the use of the Flying Dutchman myth, and all the crustacean/sea creature crew was quite cool.

My fangirl love knows no bounds for Jack Davenport, even looking all hairy and scruffy. In regards to James going was enjoyable in part, because it was fun to see Jack Davenport play Norrington nursing a serious grudge against Sparrow. The commodore's all the more snarkier for his fall from grace, and you get some great comedy moments because of it (eg. his first scenes in Tortuga). Also, it was great to see Norrington in the midst of the action, swordfighting, fighting and giving as good as he got. I may have to check on this, but Davenport did a lot of his own stunts too, including that brilliant swordfight with Orlando Bloom on the water wheel. Good on him, I say!

As for his final scene.....well, I guess I'm a little disappointed, because James seems to have compromised his integrity to get back his reputation and standing. But hey, guess what? This isn't the last film! Thus, I cling to the fangirl hope of seeing the character's good reputation restored. Though I wouldn't put it past the writers to go the other way. :/

I've somewhat latched onto Tom Hollander as Beckett as well. The snark was fantastic, and I went 'ooooh' when he picked up Norrington's sword. Great baddie to hiss at for these films.

There were a lot of scenes I enjoyed. The entire scene with Jack vs. Will vs. Norrington was brilliant. Jack's scenes with the cannibal tribe, the quieter moments with Beckett in front of his amazing wall-to-wall map. Just....all good!

The real clincher for me however, was seeing Barbossa at the end. I nearly shrieked 'OMG!' when I saw him, because I knew that Geoffrey Rush was signed on for the sequels, but I had no idea of how they were going to bring him back. So when I saw the boots coming down the stairs in Tia Dalma's hut, I initially thought it might have somehow been Jack, but when the camera panned up to show Barbossa, I was like 'OMGWTF?'. It was such a surprise. It makes me very excited though, because I like Rush and Barbossa was such an awesome adversary for Jack.

And yes....that is all! In all likelihood, I'll see it again, since mum hasn't seen it yet and there are far and few good films showing during the mid-semester break.

After the film, Libby and I went to Borders so she could order the Loeb edition of Sallust's works for her Latin class next semester and honours work next year (Cicero FTW!). Perved madly on the magazines with Doctor Who stuff on the cover, and regretfully left them there. Also managed to find a second-hand copy of the Radice translation of Catiline Conspiracy/Jugurthine war, so I now have all my texts for Roman Revolution. Still waiting on the ones for Roman Art and Architecture's ordered them through his business though, so I'll probably get them before semester two begins.

Anyway, off to make dinner. And blast Mozart on my iPod.

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