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So, I was watching Hornblower: Duty earlier, and I was wondering where the heck I'd seen Bracegirdle before (aside from the earlier Hornblower episodes, of course). And then suddenly, it hit me loud and clear: "PERCY! Come and amuse me!"

It's the bleedin' actor that played the Prince of Wales in the Scarlet Pimpernel! And to those disciples of both series on my flist, I no doubt am holding myself up to ridicule for only just realizing this now. Only seems logical though, that half the actors who turn up in SP gravitate to Hornblower, since they're 'going' from the French Revolution to the Napoleonic Wars.

There is little to report at the moment. I began translating Aeneid VI in preparation for Latin next semester. Downright blissful compared to Tacitus, I tell you! Also, dad's ordered the texts for Roman Art & Architecture from the publishers, which I'm pleased about because buying them from the uni bookshop would've been highway robbery.

I went to the birthday party of a friend from uni last night (very enjoyable affair with friends from uni), and left with the sniffles, which I still have. Probably something to do with me standing outside in the freezing cold weather without a coat, even if it was only for ten minutes. For some reason, there's a whole heap of friends' birthdays now. I had to turn down an invitation for Julie's birthday party in Toowoomba, which I was most reluctant to do, but it would've meant I had to stay overnight, which just wasn't going to happen. And I have yet another party tomorrow, for three friends who I altar serve with. I'm hoping the sniffles go away in time for that, otherwise I'm going to be a miserable and sniffling guest.

Doctor Who a week from today!! My excitement knows no bounds, even if I've already seen half the episodes. The Christmas Invasion was such a cracking way to begin David Tennant's tenure as the Doctor, so I'm very pleased to watch it on a normal-sized screen (as posed to being hunched over my computer monitor in rapture). Those who've kept away from the spoilers and whatnot are in for a treat!

Murder in Rome and Jericho tomorrow night! So nice to be able to watch tv without feeling guilty about not doing assignment work.

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