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Dammit, I mean to talk to my friend on MSN today, but I ended up… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Dammit, I mean to talk to my friend on MSN today, but I ended up staying out too long. Damn time differences...

Anyway, I saw Gosford Park today, after waiting what seemed like an eternity. Safe to say I wasn't disappointed. The main pulling power was that one of my favourite actors, the lovely Richard E. Grant was in it, but I probably would've seen it anyway...

On with the review then. Generally I like it.....the plot was a classic (you really can't beat a good murder-mystery imo), the setting and costumes gorgeous....what more could you ask?
Oh yes, the actors. I pretty much thought the whole cast was good. McGona- I mean, Maggie Smith was a treat as the waspy Countess of Trentham. And there were other veterans such as Helen Mirren and Derek Jacobi mingling with the newer crop such as Kelly McDonald and Kirsten Scott Thomas. Ryan Phillipe was a rather pleasant surprise as Weissman's valet, and a total man-whore. Emily Watson was well-done as the maid Elsie.
And of course, I have to have a rave about my beloved Richard. He wasn't the main player or in the film that much, but he was brilliant as George. The tickling scene (those who have seen the film will know it) was so wonderful. He doesn't smile much during the film (actually he looks a little like an undertaker o_0) but in that one scene, it was wonderful seeing that gorgeous smile of his. And the tailcoats, bow ties and waistcoats he wears are very flattering on his tall figure. :-)

*sigh* I'm done. I think I'll go and watch my Scarlet Pimpernel tape and moon over Richard some more.

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