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I said I was going to change the colour scheme for this thing weeks… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
I said I was going to change the colour scheme for this thing weeks ago, didn't I? Think that's been indefinitely postponed until my Latin exam's over (read: next Wednesday). Also, I'm not quite sure I want to give up iCicero as my default yet. -.-;

My ancient history exam went disturbingly well. It seemed deceptively easy, and quite a few of us were wondering whether the lecturers were tricking us with the questions. The only goddamn area I slipped up on and which I'm deeply ashamed of is that I attributed an anecdote about Vedius Pollio and his lampreys to Cassius Dio when it was Pliny the Elder who wrote it. I don't think it's going to affect the whole point of my socio-historical commentary too much (the whole point being that SLAVES IN ANCIENT ROME WERE SEEN AS EXPENDABLE OBJECTS TO THE ELITE. Totally needed to be said in raging capslock as well), but I'm annoyed anyway. Still, that's probably one or two marks lost. Everything else looked fine to me.

Getting my plane tickets for Rome this weekend. WOOT. After that, Brendan and I will take care of the accomodation (we have a three star hotel picked that overlooks St. Peter's for Rome, accomodation for Florence and Assisi TBD) and then pick over the finer details of where we're going when. And I damn well refuse to believe in Murphy's law here, because Rome is one of those rare instances where I point blank refuse to be a pessimist.

I bought my Latin text for next semester. Or rather, I bought the Oxford Classics edition of Vergil's complete Opera, because I wasn't going to shell out eighty bucks for another tiny twenty-page excerpt as I did the last time I translated the Aeneid. Now all I need is a commentary, which is pending until John returns from his break. It would be nice to be able to translate over the holidays, although I just know I won't. ;p I'm still lacking in a decent, cheap Ecclesiastical Latin dictionary. Did find a primer in Borders, but that's not going to cut it (But thanks to Libby for noticing it. I shall point it out to Brendan though, since he's trying to translate Pope Benedict's speeches on the Vatican website at the moment and his grasp of the language in general still needs work).

Anyway, Latin happens to be the next exam. There's about twenty-five chapters to cover of Histories, so I'll get a start on revising grammar and parsing tomorrow, as well as just blatantly trying to memorise the text and its translation (and that does work).

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