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Haha, the Brisbane Lions are getting pwned by Collingwood. Always fun to watch.

No Angels is my new tv love affair. We're up to series two on cable currently and I loooove it, probably cause it shares writers with Doctor Who and Hotel Babylon and the cast is excellent (and a couple have guest-starred in DW too!). And Anji/Callum is my latest OTP. theirloveissorequitedbutnot, yo.

I haven't updated in a week, and with good reason, because I spent a good portion of it staring at my second Revelation essay biting my nails and struggling to think of how to cover text interpretations. Then the muse hit after the end-of-semester dinner for the Classics department and I finished and handed it in only one day past the due date. Well played, I say!

My older brother's offered me the chance to come up and stay with him on the coast during study week. I would take him up on the invitation if I wasn't working this week as well. Also, I've had to call a plumber this week after one of the next-door neighbours noticed a leaky pipe that belongs to our house's plumbing. Annoying, but then a water bill that's more expensive than it should be is worse.

Going to download Idiot's Lantern tomorrow, with a bit of luck. Might wait a week until downloading Impossible Planet though. Really, I shouldn't be watching any DW at all during study/exam block. ;p Oh, well! The second series is confirmed to start on July 8 on the ABC, which is very good news. Except that I've seen the first six episodes now and will likely end up downloading the rest! But still, they'll probably look better on a large tv screen than a small computer monitor.

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